Re:Sound works and partners with organizations in Canada and internationally to educate business owners on the benefit and value of recorded music. These organizations include: SOCAN; Canadian Live Music Association; Fitness Industry Council of Canada; Funeral Services Association of Canada; CAPACOA, the Canadian Arts Presenting Association; the City of Vancouver and Business Improvement Associations across Canada.


A 22% increase in new individual licensees (3,550) over 2017

Breakdown by Location

British Columbia

355 / 11.98%


219 / 7.39%


172 / 5.80%


65 / 2.19%


1,104 / 37.26%


868 / 29.29%

Nova Scotia

132 / 4.45%

New Brunswick

17 / 0.57%

Prince Edward Island

4 / 0.13%

Newfoundland and Labrador

16 / 0.54%


4 / 0.13%

Northwest Territories

5 / 0.17%



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