Re:Sound People

Re:Sound’s team is a dedicated, diverse group of employees who take pride in working to support music creators each and every day. Re:Sound is proud to have a diverse, multilingual staff—many of whom are musicians themselves.

Re:Sound Management Team

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Ian MacKay


Arif Ahmad

Vice President, Legal Affairs & General Counsel

Michelle Baily

Vice President, People, Planning & Strategy

Martin Gangnier

VP Licensing

Otis Quinn

Director, Information Technology

Doris Tay

Vice President, Distribution

Clement Wong,

Vice President, Finance

Re:Sound Board of Directors

Re:Sound’s Board of Directors includes an elected Independent Chairperson, as well as twelve (12) elected directors, who are nominated as follows:

Performer Class

Two (2) directors nominated by each member organization representing performers (Artisti, MROC and ACTRA RACS).

Maker Class

One (1) director nominated by each member organization representing makers (CONNECT, SOPROQ, Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Music) plus one (1) additional director representing a Canadian independent label (alternating between a SOPROQ nominee and a CIMA nominee).

All Directors are elected to hold office for a two (2) year term (apart from the Maker Class independent label representative, who is elected annually).  

Re:Sound’s Board currently consists of: 

Anthony Ariganello

Independent Chairperson

Performer Class:

David Jandrisch

Director Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada (MROC)

Diana Barry

Director Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada (MROC)

Annie Morin

Director / Vice Chair La société de gestion collective de l’Union des artistes (ARTISTI)

Claire Hayek

Director La société de gestion collective de l’Union des artistes (ARTISTI)

Laurie McAllister

Director ACTRA Performers' Rights Society & Recording Artists' Collecting Society (ACTRA RACS)

Anna Bucci

Director / Treasurer ACTRA Performers' Rights Society & Recording Artists' Collecting Society (ACTRA RACS) 

Maker Class:

Mark Jones

Director Universal Music Canada Inc.

Thiago Kurtz

Director Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc.

Graham Henderson

Director Warner Music Canada Inc.

Stuart Johnston

Director / Corporate Secretary CONNECT Music Licensing

Lyette Bouchard

Director / Vice Chair  La société de gestion collective des droits des producteurs de phonogrammes et de vidéogrammes du Québec (SOPROQ)

Julie M. Fournier

Director Analekta / Independent Label  

Getting the Word Out

Re:Sound is committed to delivering more money to rights holders in a transparent and efficient manner.  Re:Sound is a valued sponsor and partner to many music industry initiatives and events. These forums allow us to educate music creators about the royalty streams available to them and the options for assigning their rights. This helps to ensure music creators receive royalties from the businesses that use their recordings.

In 2018, Re:Sound had a presence at Pop Montreal, Durham College, Canadian Music Incubator, CIMA (Canadian Independent Music Association), Canadian Country Music Awards, Polaris Music Prize, M4MTRL, Canadian Music Week, and The Juno Awards and the Women in Music Canada panel.

We continually strive to improve the way we do things. With this in mind, we worked with our member organizations to develop final distribution schedules for royalty payments. This provides music creators with greater transparency and allows them to know when they can expect their royalties.

2018 Re:Sound Achievement Awards


Re:Sound employees live by our Core Values and for the second consecutive year, Phil was recognized by his peers for his outstanding approach to his work and his unwavering commitment to our Fair, Maker and Performer Centered and Dynamic Core Values. Phil negotiated agreements with key music users to drive revenue and initiated an employee fitness program with another important music user.  At trade shows, Phil told the Re:Sound story, explaining how royalties work to music creators. He also performs at Re:Wind, Re:Sound’s annual fundraising event, each year. 

How to Get Paid

Connect Music Licensing

Maker Organizations

If you have made recorded music that has been released to the public, you may be entitled to royalties. To claim these royalties, you can register with either SOPROQ or CONNECT Music Licensing, member organizations representing recording labels,  or directly with Re:Sound.


CONNECT Music Licensing

Musicians's Rights Organization Canada

Performer Organizations

If you have performed on recorded music (as a featured or background performer) that has been released to the public, you may be entitled to royalties. To collect these royalties, you can register with one of Artisti, ACTRA RACS, or MROC, our three member organizations representing artists, or directly with Re:Sound.




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